Tips from my 1st race:

I’m no expert but I’ve been through it once and spectated a few times so I’m not a super-newbie either. These are things that worked for me – let me know what worked for you!

  1. Doing it with a partner is so much fun and you can help each other with obstacles. If your partner is the same sex, you can help each other on EVERY obstacle.
  2. Having spectator support helps. If you’re running alone, it’s so nice to see a friendly face cheering you on. Otherwise – all the spectators are really great at being supportive to strangers.
  3. Help out your fellow Spartans. I remember climbing over an angle wall and the guy who went before me was there to help me find my footing. This happens all around you. Lend a hand. Think of the race as a team sport with individual winners.
  4. Wear tight clothes. You don’t want a baggy shirt getting caked in water and mud dragging you down or getting snagged on anything.
  5. Wear the headband in your race packet. It’s how they track you for the pictures they post. Or else, you’ll have to hunt through hundreds of people to find your own!
  6. Tie your shoes really well. Maybe learn the marathon runners shoe tie. It loops in those tip top holes so you wont lose your shoes in the mud.
  7. Get a hotel the night before if you’re racing in the morning. It’ll probably be a run down motel but it’s only for 1 night and will significantly lessen the stress. Plus you won’t have to be up as early to drive.
  8. Eat breakfast! Since I raced morning I only had 1 meal to worry about but you definitely need to fuel your body for all its about to do.
  9. Drink water. The night before and that morning.
  10. Bring toilet paper. You can’t trust the portapotties. Ever.
  11. Carry cash for parking. Preferably exact change cause its usually some poor teenager standing all alone so if he needs change, that could take a while.
  12. Last but absolutely not least –pack for after the race! There is a “shower” area you will maybe scoff at when you get there but will get into when you’re done. It’s just a bunch of hoses attached to a grid of PVC pipes. The water will be freezing.
    1. Pack a towel or 2. The changing tents are giant rooms of naked people, modesty is out the door.
    2. Pants or shorts. Probably something baggy as you’ll be kind of wet and too tired to fight leggings.
    3. T-shirt, or any top, and a bra that’s easy to get on. We’ve all fought a wet sports bra, this is not the time to go to war.
    4. Flip flops! Or fresh socks and sneakers but I prefer the floppies.
    5. Plastic bag to put all your muddy stuff in so it doesn’t ruin your backpack or car.

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