Lemon Honey Smoothie

I have a serious obsession with Tone It Up’s Lemon Honey Chia Overnight Oats. They are so delicious, perfect for summer, a great combo of flavors, and filling. Sometimes  too filling.

You may say, “Well Alaina, don’t eat the whole thing at once”. To which I respond “Ha!” Impossible. It’s like breakfast dessert. I finished my workout and I wasn’t hungry yet but I needed some fuel. After sweating so much and being out in the heat, I need a little time to bring my body back to 0. That can take almost an hour sometimes, so I try to get in something cold and easy. Thus – lemon honey smoothie was invented!

Ingredients to deliciousness

I started with a good helping of spinach. I always throw in a handful of spinach in my smoothies., it blends in so well unlike kale which tends to make itself known.. My opinion at least.

Then came some milk – typically I use unsweetened vanilla almond milk but I had 1% milk that needed to get used sitting in my fridge. (I add in my liquids first so that the protein powder doesn’t get stuck to the bottom of the blender). Added just a bit of vanilla yogurt, vanilla protein powder, lemon zest and honey. Mix and YUM!!

Chia seed garnish mixes right in

Ingredients for 1:

½ C milk of choice 1 Tbsp. Honey
¼ C vanilla Greek yogurt Zest of ½ lemon
1-2 handfuls of spinach 5-6 Ice cubes
1-2 scoops Vanilla Protein Powder 1-2 tsp. chia seeds (garnish)



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