BBB, Brief Booty Burner

The title says it all – its quick, it targets the booty, and it’s gonna burn. But oh so gooooood!

I mixed this in today after doing an ab burnout workout from TIU, which was pretty great. I kept seeing others posting about it, so of course I had to check it out. Another quickie- which is perfect cause I can really do it any day, any time, add it into any other planned workout.

I love having an arsenal of short workouts that really target a specific body part and are effective. Cause then I don’t have to think and I know I won’t have to spend a ton of time working on a spot. So much easier to have something to run to whenever you need it.

Back to where I started with BBB…. I did this after I worked on my abs, but before I did some tire flips and drags. My husband spent a good chunk of his evening (and ruining 4 drill bits) to cut a hole in this tire so we could put a rope through it. Of course I had to use it the next day so his efforts wouldn’t be for nothing! I’m so kind.

(10 tire flips up then 4 rounds of pulling it back. Every time I got the tire to me, I moved my seat back again until I pulled it in 4 times. Back to flipping).

Gotta get that tush down

In most of the Spartan races, there will be an obstacle where you have to drag a something to you. Having this tire pull is such a nice way to work on strength and form.I could add more weight later on by tucking a kettle bell into the tire or throwing a sand bag on top…. Endless options here.

Trying not to curve the back too much
Gotta work on that shoulder… I think I’m compensating for my spine on my Right side.

Keeping proper form is always important but a definite essential for me. I know I’m strong enough to pull that tire or sled, but if I don’t remember to keep a tight core all the way around – I’ll feel my scoliosis react.FullSizeRender-28

The last thing I want in a race, is to tweak my back and then be in pain the rest of the race, or worse – not finish! So in training, I make sure I hold everything tight and zipped up and make sure to use all my strength and not just pull from 1 body part.

Brief Booty Burner

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