Tabata x2

We were planning a girl’s night for this week when we realized it was one of our friends birthday’s too, so we wrapped those together in a nice little bow and headed to the aquarium!

If you haven’t been to the aquarium in Charleston yet, go. I’ll wait. If you can’t go right now, go soon! I’ve been 3 times in less than 2 years of living here and would go again tomorrow.

BUT on this particular Thursday, they added wine and beer to the evening mix. Best Idea Ever. So 4 of us ladies made our way downtown to enjoy a night with the fishes. It was so nice walking around enjoying all the aquarium has to offer and sipping on some pretty decent wine…

Snake friend and boyfriend

My favorite part is the touch tank with sting rays. Usually there are little sharks in it too, but they were doing a treatment and took them out. But the sting rays come all the way up to you and they’re soft and slimy at the same time. So cool.

2 glasses of wine and off to bed – where I definitely felt it the next morning. How sad is that? Am I getting old?! Needless to say, I was seriously questioning my workout, but then just decided to do it. I figured if I needed to stop, I would, if not, I’d feel better. And feeling better is always a win when you’re hungover.

I landed on a Tabata workout that hit my whole my body. Short enough that I could push through and tough enough that it would be worth it. Once I turned the timer on, I felt better almost immediately and went through the Tabata twice. Squat thrusters, squats, sit-ups, pushups. Simple and done. 20s on, 10s off. Repeat each exercise 4 times before moving on to the next.

Start from a plank, hop legs to outside of hands. Try to get your hands up before your feet get to the front. Land in a squat. Pop back to plank.
Air squats. Pulling hips all the way through and keeping tailbone tucked.
Arms over head and reach through knees as sitting up.
Full pushups

Once I finished it twice I took a little breather. Then I got up on the pull up bar for some grip work. Not for time, just for practice. I did some swinging dead hangs, shimmied down and up, and monkey swings. I went through everything 3 times. Just enough to get my grip working hard and push my shoulders to fatigue.

(Tabata workout printout at bottom of page).

All in all – it turned out to be a really good morning from where it could’ve gone had I done nothing. AND – having cute workout clothes is always a great motivator. Victoria’s Secret was having an in-store sale – buy 1 sports bra get leggings for $25 – hence my sweet neon outfit! This bra is awesome. Adjustable straps, no underwire, cups, support, fun print. Probably gonna get a couple more.

Oh and did I mention the ice cream I ate last night? Can’t end a birthday girls night without ice cream! Cutest little scoop cart with some delicious, locally made flavors. I had sea turtle caramel and Oreo’s and more Oreo’s. YUM!!

Caramel ice cream with chocolate covered caramels
How cute is this thing!?

Squat ThrustersAir SquatsSit

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