Monday Leg Day

Monday’s always a tough day, getting back into things. I don’t know why people always want to start something new, like a diet or fitness regimen on a Monday. Yes, I get that it’s like day 1 at the start of the week but really, after a Sunday my Monday’s are usually a little bit bleh… Tuesday would be a better start day. Ah, but then I’d slack on Monday’s and the vicious cycle would continue…

Oh well. I ate my banana and PB, drank some water, got ready to workout. Usually I eat half a banana, but this banana was pretty skinny and pathetic so I ate the whole thing.

Since my post about taking shorter, faster strides – I’ve been really trying to focus on this when I run. I haven’t gone out on any long runs, I think my last run was when I did 1 mile intervals and I was working on my stride then too, so I’ve had a little time to practice.

It isn’t as super awkward as I thought it would be. The first few hundred yards I have to really think about how I’m stepping, but eventually it feels pretty good to be moving my feet so swiftly.

I got in a good 3 miles around the neighborhood circle at about an 8 minute pace. It felt really good. I felt like I was going fast, staying strong, and could keep going longer. That’s an awesome feeling considering last long run, I thought I wouldn’t make it if I ran any faster (and I was running slower than today’s pace).

After my run, I burned my legs out a little bit on the Surfset board. I haven’t been using them for personal workouts much lately so it was fun to get back on. I started with 20 knee up lunges on each leg. By the time I counted to 7 I was already feeling it, 20 felt so far! But so good by the time I made it there.

Starting position
Almost there, just a little more!

I love knee up lunges because, even on a flat surface, they challenge a lot of muscles to keep you balanced and controlled. I don’t imagine a lot of people have Surfset boards at their house, but if you have a Bosu or Bosu bladder – place your front foot on it so you have the strong core and balance work on the knee up.

There it is!

Followed that up with 20 quick surf squats. Again, if you have a Bosu, stand on the flat side to do your squats. Such a normal exercise is amplified when you have to work for stabilization.

Too hot to smile anymore

Lastly, the dreaded burpee. I did 10 each round on the ground, chest all the way down and jumping all the way up. I knew if I wasn’t going to do a lot of burpees, I was going to do a few really good ones! By the end of this my legs felt like Jell-O and I was in serious need of some water.

That’s me. Dead.


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