Saturday Sweat

Our friends apartment complex threw a pool party on Saturday – and we got to be 2 lucky guests! Since I was going to be eating BBQ, drinking beer, enjoying popsicles – all while in a bathing suit, I needed to sweat a little in the morning to make some room. 

Since our dogs actually let us sleep in a little bit, we got a late start and didn’t beat the heat. SO – a hot workout indeed. It’s times like this when I try to avoid going outside the garage and do most of my hard work in front of a fan and in the shade.

Ever since Canon bought that tire I’ve been wanting to do some tire slams, but I always forget about it when I’m figuring out my workout. Not today! It was at the front of my brain since he had just drilled a hole through it.

I made a quick workout up – full body, some cardio, some strength, some stuff to prep me for the race.

I started with 15 tire slams on each arm. Trick is to move the hands quickly as you’re slamming. I caught myself one time not moving properly and it pulled on a blister/callous spot on my hand. Yeah – that reminded me to pay attention to what’s going on. I’m using a 7lb steel mace from Onnit as my hammer.

The wind-up

I’m a righty and so slamming on my left side felt super awkward and wonky. Even though it moved a little slower than my right, I kept pushing it and it eventually felt less weird…. Just stick with it, everyone has a good/bad side.

I followed up the slams with 50 mountain climbers – get that heart rate up a little bit. Then I headed out in the sun to carry this 40 lbs of dead weight in a 300 meter loop. I keep the weight of the ball in the middle of my body so a. not to tire out one shoulder/arm/side over the other and b. it helps  my back to keep weight evenly distributed in front.

Shout out to my neighbor’s car for shading my ball

In the Spartan races, there will be at least 1 obstacle where you have to carry some weight for a distance. Probably twice is more likely – a weighted bean bag and a bucket of rocks. I remember my first race that bucket of rocks was a killer and my back was hurting. But I kept my core tight, hips tucked and held the weight in front of me and finished. Also- just pushing through to finish the obstacle is easier than stopping and starting… Oh the agony of picking up that weight multiple times!

Lastly – I finished it up with some ab work, cause helloooo bikini!, and did 10 exercise ball passed. Laying flat on your back, spine pushed to the ground, lift the ball over your head and pass it to your feet, bring your legs almost to the floor, arms almost touching ground overhead, then pull everything back up and pass the ball off to your hands… thats 1!

Arms and legs hover just above floor
Reaching arms and legs up to meet for the switch to hands

I’m so glad I got this in because I had absolutely no guilt in my day. Chocolate Sea Salt popsicle from the King of Pops, Korean pulled pork sandwich, couple beers, and then ribs and mac & cheese with friends for dinner!

Oh and Sunday was a rest day at the beach…

15 Tire slams_ side50 mt climbersheavy carry - 300 meters10 ab ball switches

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