Tuesday Spartan Workout

Over the last couple days I’ve been getting these small headaches behind my eyes – not both eyes at once, it alternates between them. They aren’t terrible, more annoying, but considering I never get headaches, I don’t like it.

You know it’s bad when I decide to take medicine of my own free will. Usually Canon has to twist my arm a bit (and go upstairs to get the meds) for me take anything. But I took something last night, didn’t really help. Canon massaged my head while watching Dexter, felt great… I’d feign a headache for that any day.

Finally he handed me 2 Nyquil sinus and off to bed I went. About 9 hours later, I woke up to no headache! But also, 9 hours later meant my workout was gonna be HOT.

The only person you are destined to become is who you decide to be.
Random motivation to remind you to get those goals!

Spartan’s WOD was to run and incorporate 10 burpees and 30 lunges every half mile. I got in about 2 miles before I was just beat. Between the heat, legs yesterday, and a sore knee (wah!) I didn’t want to push it too much more. I got in 2 sets of burpees, 2 sets of lunges, and finished it off with a final set of 10 long jump burpees to get me close to home.

From there I did some grip work. With less than 2 weeks till race day – I’m gonna work my grip as much as I can without hurting my hands. Gotta be ready!

Small movement, releasing the left hand
Back to center
Righty waving atcha!

I saw on Instagram, a Spartan regular and Spartan TV show contestant doing these grip exercises where she would let 1 hand go and the other arm held all the weight, just for a moment. Of course I had to try them out. They were challenging, fun, and a great exercise to work on.

Canon tip: Imagine pulling the bar down to you, not pulling yourself up to the bar…


I mixed these pick ups with sets of 10 pull-ups using the lighter resistance band for assistance. 30 hand picks ups, 10 pull-ups x3. I don’t think I can do a full pull-up by myself yet, but I can definitely do more with less assistance than I could like a month ago. Progress!
The only person you are destined to become is who you decide to be.-2

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