Stretches for Scoliosis

I’ve had my back problems under control for quite a while now; it hasn’t bothered me to a point where I felt like I couldn’t do something. Til yesterday. It felt a little tight the other day, probably from all the dead hangs and such… And it hurt a bit in bed when I laid a certain way. I was hoping when I woke up it would be better, but I was wrong.

I felt it immediately when I got out of bed. Not a huge sharp pain, but the feeling you get when you pull a muscle. It doesn’t feel good ever, but especially in your back. The spot’s tender to touch and my husband could feel a significant difference touching the 2 sides of my spine. The pained side was quite a bit harder. Womp womp.

I took the day off from anything. Canon didn’t even want me going to the store, but I’m a little too stubborn to just lay down all day (and I really wanted a new toothbrush!).  I felt like such an old person. Taking smaller steps and making that hummm noise every time I reached or bent down for something. I put heat on my back many times during the day to help relax the muscle.

The day off and all the heat worked because today I felt much better, good enough to workout and do some stuff. But especially stretch it.

I did some of the tried and true stretches – legs straight out in front and reaching out to my toes, gets the back and hammies! Also, bending my right leg over the left and twisting around. Lastly, just slowly rolling my spine down to the ground, 1 vertebrae at a time, and slowly rolling back up.

Then came the foam roller:

Tiny yet effective movements


I started this stretch with my knees slightly bent and the roller just under the top of my hip bones. I rolled over just slightly, enough so that my left hand could touch the foam roller on the right.. The right is my problematic side. I rolled up my spine/side, allowing my right leg to straighten a bit, pulling up with my stability arm (right) and then I rolled back down bending my knee and pushing against my arm. WOO this one hits the SPOT! Remember to breeeeeeathe.

My last position on the roller is 3 parts. Just helped give my spine some release, pulling it nice and long.


With my feet flat on the floor, knees bent and placing the roller at the top of the hip bones. Hands at your sides and just hold here for 20 seconds. I’m holding my hips up a bit, letting them release all the way down was way too much tension for me and hurt a bit.


I brought the foam roller up to my mid back, again holding my hips up a bit, enough that my spine gets the stretch but no pain.


Lastly, the roller came to just beneath my shoulder blades. I’m holding my head because releasing my neck all that way was very uncomfortable. I needed a little assistance and letting my arms hold my head let my neck have release without tension.

Hold every position for about 20 seconds and repeat a couple times. It felt super awesome for me, you might have to play with the positioning. Oh, and I did these stretches after my workout so my muscles were really warmed up and ready for a good stretch.

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