4 days away!

Where has the time gone!? 4 days until the Spartan Super??

Last week I mentioned that my back was bugging me and I was trying to let it rest. Well, apparently I didn’t. 

I really, really tried. It was feeling a lot better but I was not content with sitting still and so I worked it a little harder than I should have. Chalk it up to me being stubborn or the fact that I’ve dealt with the discomfort of a crooked back for so long – I tend to just keep moooooving along.

It’s probably from Sunday’s workout – 2 tabatas. 1 focusing on cardio and plyometrics, the other on strength. I think doing the renegade rows with heavy bells was not the best choice. But now I have to deal with the consequences of that.

Lots of heat on & off, stretching, sitting straight, no lifting… Only good thing to come of it us is back rubs from my husband.

Taped back
Anchoring tape at center of pain and pulling up towards shoulder. 2 horizontal pieces flank the top/bottom of pain & pull muscle out.

Since I got that KT tape for my knee last week, I’m trying it out on my back too. I asked my chiropractor on Monday for some tips on how to apply it (since KT tape doesn’t really have a video for scoliosis pain, just general lower back or wherever). She recommended I pull the muscle up and out. So Canon and I are trying different methods of taping it on, what the best anchor point is, best tension, best route for the tape….

Hopefully by Saturday morning we find the sweet spot! I think today’s taping is better than yesterdays.. We’re definitely getting closer to getting it supported. Until Saturday, I’m going to really take it slow – especially since Canon threatened to pull me from the race if I’m in pain. So now I really gotta keep it together!

Wish me luck!

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