1 Ball Workout

I’ve been a little MIA since the Super last weekend, sorry about that!

The week after the race I wasn’t hitting it as hard as previous weeks, I needed to let my body recoup a little bit – and I deserved a little break! I still worked out regularly, but I could feel my legs were a little tired and a little heavier than normal so I didn’t push them too too much.

In a surprise twist – I flew to NJ to surprise my mom for her 65th birthday. (Happy birthday Mom!) Only 3 people were in on the surprise – my dad who got me up there, my best friend so I could sleep at her house and not show up to my parent’s house at 1am, and one of my brother’s cause I needed a ride from the Philly airport.

I showed up at my parent’s around 7:15a, just as my mom was settling onto the front porch with coffee and the morning paper. To say she was shocked would be an understatement. She was thrilled, I was happy I didn’t miss it, and my dad takes the cake for planning and awesome surprise and a really great dinner party for her.

While home, I worked out with my mom a couple times but I’m sharing a workout I did solo. It only requires 1 medicine ball (or sandbag, something you can toss) and your running shoes!

Start with a nice warmup to get your body ready to move. I like to do some slow squats, slow knee pushups, torso twists, high knees, controlled front kicks and shoulder circles.

Go run 1/2 mile. Quick! I was running around 3 mins 50seconds- in a circle so I could run right into the next phase of the workout…

12 ball tosses with snap jump push ups. I used a 30lb slam ball for this.

Get down low to get the ball into your arms, use your legs to return to standing.


Position the ball into your hands, squat allllllll the way down.

FullSizeRender-87FullSizeRender-88 FullSizeRender-89

Use the power from your legs to push up and toss the ball up & out as far as you can.


Snap right out to a plank and do a push up.

Snap jump in to return. Walk to your ball.


Repeat 3 times with as little rest as possible!

You’ll finish with a full body, cardio workout and 1.5 miles down!

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