Surf Inspired Workout – No Water Needed!

After an awesome bachelorette weekend in Savannah celebrating my beautiful friend and neighbor – I was ready to do something fun yet hard for my workout Monday morning. Surfset!

Legit the happiest bride-to-be ever!

I can guarantee most people do not have a Surfset board of their own. That’s OK. This workout is still tough on the floor but even better if you have a BOSU ball or bladder to use with some of the exercises.

It’s a great combination of cardio and strength training, plus a designated core section to end the class. I love doing stuff on the Surfset boards. It makes every exercise a little more fun, a little more challenging, and the time just flies since your mind can’t wander off – unless you want to fall off the board.

Aint no sharks gettin me

If you ever get a chance to take a class – Do it!

For this workout, you will need: BOSU ball or bladder, a bench, and hand weights. If you don’t have a BOSU ball or bench – thats OK, just get a little creative in the way things are modified.

Make sure to give yourself a little bit of a warmup. I typically start with some slow air squats, knee pushups, butt kicks/high knees, arm circles and lunges.

Surf-Inspired Cardio & Strength

Below is a breakdown of each move. It moves back and forth between cardio and strength, starting with a cardio section and ending with a core focused section.

4 mountain climbers into 1 push up – thats 1 rep. Try using the BOSU – flat side up.

Surf hops – hopping up onto a bench/box/step with 2 feet. If you don’t have a bench, do a broad jump. Soft landings!


Toe tap circles – lateral high knee movement around a bench. Alternate directions after each circle.

Spear tosses- starting from a squat position with weight in Right hand, push up and twist left, raising the right arm up and across the body.

This will feel awkward.

Deadlifts – keep weight in the heels, trace hand weights down shins with a flat back and soft knees. Return to standing.

Criss Cross Squats – bring right knee to left elbow, return to squat, bring left knee to right elbow….


180’s – jump turn 180 degrees, trying to land in the exact same spot every time.


Get ups – laying on back, quickly roll up and into a standing position, placing hands on ground as little as possible, squat down and roll back to lay down position. There’s a video on my Instagram from August 3, I’m in a neon sports bra. @lainycareyfit

Single Leg Tricep Dips – hands on a bench/step, finger tips facing you and 1 leg straight out in front, bend elbows straight back.

Squat & Press – standing on flat side of BOSU, squat down with weights at shoulder height, stand and press weights overhead.

Surfees – burpee with a side stance pop. From a plank, jump Right foot and twist body to the left, come to a low stand, return to plank for other side.


Skaters – on BOSU round side, right foot in middle of bubble, left foot tapped out to side, jump and switch footing.

Plyo Lunge Hopovers – stand on 1 side of bench, place hands on both sides and hop over, do 1 plyo lunge on each leg. Thats 1 rep. Hopover & repeat.

Plank passes – with toes on BOSU bubble end, place a weight behind left wrist, grab with right hand and move behind right wrist, grab with left and move left. Keeping hips as square as possible.

Tabletop Pulses – on hands and knees, extend Right arm and Left leg, pulse.

Swimmers – laying on stomach with arms out front, lift head, chest, shins off ground. Slightly raise right arm and left leg higher then alternate. Similar to supermans.

Boat Crunches – Sitting in a V sit, extend legs out straight in front while leaning  back, return to a V sit.

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