Getting back at it

OK – I need to have a serious heart to heart with myself.

I did the Spartan Super in early August. I am very proud of the work I put into my training for it and my outcome at the race. I let myself slack a little bit the rest of the month. Not a lot, but enough. The biggest race in the series is coming up in LESS THAN 2 MONTHS. Time to get back in the game!

spartan workout

Now that I’ve gotten that out there, and reread it out loud so I fully comprehend, it’s time to put the game face on. With August being such a crazy month, I haven’t worked out as hard as I was in the early summer months. And that’s ok. Sometimes you just need to take a little break. But now I know I need to gear up or I’m going to regret it come late October.

I’ve been randomly selecting days I do the Spartan workouts versus some light and breezy. This week I’ve been doing the daily Spartan workouts or writing up something difficult for myself – and I feel it!

So, without further ado – here’s todays workout! Set your timer for 1 minute intervals – 1min on, 1 min off. That 1 minute of rest sounded a little excessive when I first read it, but I learned very quickly how wonderful and necessary a whole minute off was.

Your shoulders and abs are going to getting worked really hard with this one. Yay for strong shoulders and 6 packs! 4 easy moves that only get harder with time. Don’t quit. Take momentary rests if needed but keep going. The minute has to end eventually!

Hollow hold – I struggle with this one. Just lifting legs and shoulders off ground and holding it with arms overhead. I try to hold this position as long as I can, but I eventually shift into a overhead boat pose to finish the time. Eventually I’ll be able to stay hollow for a whole minute!


hollow hold
by the end…

Pushups – I did 10 before resting a moment, did 5 more, then finished out the time doing knee pushups. On my last round I did 15 straight then dropped to my knees.


Mountain Climbers – I counted to 60 before needing a moment to breathe, then popped back up for about 10 more since time was almost up. Phew.

mt climbers 1 my climbers 2

Burpees – full on, chest to the ground, hands leave the floor, jumping all the way up burpees! Aimed for 10-12 each round cause man, was I tired!

burpee start

burpee crouch

burpee jump 1-min-work-1-min-rest-repeat-as-neededI completed it 4 times through… How many times did you do it?

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