I did it! I accomplished the goal I set for myself in March – to get the Spartan Trifecta in 2016. Sprint, Super, Beast. Done.

Kinda tired from carrying all these medals around my neck

It’s been a week since the Spartan Beast race and  I still don’t really know what to say about it. It was grueling, long, exhausting, taxing, muddy, chilly, exciting, sweaty, competitive, strong, totally worth it.

It’s hard to recall a lot of my feelings because I am just so proud that it’s done and I pushed myself hard. That’s really all I wanted to be able to say about it. I’ll try and give a little insight anyway….

We got to start 15 minutes early – which is unheard of in Spartan time. They never let you jump in to an earlier heat but we got lucky this day. The race was at Carolina Adventure World – which is an ATV park, so you know the landscape has to be rugged for those thrill seekers. I believe the MC said we would go through about 2600 ft of elevation changes by the race’s end.

We took off into the open sky…. The ground was super dry so dust immediately coated your teeth. Yum. I remember watching this race last year when Canon did it.. it was freezing that morning and the first obstacle was running into this pond of waist-deep water. Thankfully, they rerouted this race so we didn’t have to start in that (or ever actually go into it) and it was much warmer than last year. Another lucky break!

No pond but always a dunk wall. Thank you for being refreshing, dunk wall.

From there – we just ran. Just keep running running running. It’s fun running through wooded trails. It is not fun getting stuck behind people who are walking and don’t care to move to the side for you. You’d think breathing down on their neck would make them WANT to move, no. Oh well. Eventually you can get around people and it is part of the race. Next time – we race competitively.

As much fun as trail running is.. after about 3 miles or so I was begging for an obstacle. I remember running under the A-frame and the people were like “keep going, we’ll see you soon!” Apparently 6 miles means soon to them. Ugh.

But when we did come up to the walls to jump over – I did it without any help. Being able to get over these walls and rails really improves my confidence in knowing I could handle racing competitively.

I remember running past a group of people through less than ankle deep water – and someone got annoyed that Canon splashed them as we ran by. Insert eye roll here. Good luck crawling under the barbed wire later!

1 of 3 heavy carries

Anyway, Accomplishment-wise it’s always a great feeling finishing the monkey bars and the rope climb. The rope climb was especially tough because it was covered in mud at the start. I felt like I was getting nowhere on it the first 4 pulls! My absolute best accomplishment was tackling the multi rig! I’m pretty sure Canon helped me with this obstacle in March (and then proceeded to tear his bicep) and it beat me in August at the Super when I dropped at the first ring swing. But not this time. I approached it. Took it all in. Looked for Canon. He didn’t even bother with it, just went straight to burpees. He still has a little PTSD from March. But I approached it, took my time, and got all the way across. HOLY CRAP. I was so excited! Seriously. It was such an amazing feeling and the push I needed to finish the race.

The only obstacle I failed at was the spear toss. I got closer but I just can’t get my spear to stick in the hay. But out of a 15 mile race, I’m happy with only 1 set of penalty burpees!

Watch your back cause I’m coming for you blue pants guy!

We got a little beat up along the way. My shins were bruised from the box jump fail the week before and little twigs were snapping against them as we ran. The rope climb did not feel awesome on my right shin either. Canon was dealing with leg cramps the last couple miles and was probably overcompensating with his left arm in fear of hurting his right one again. But all in all we both ran our butts off to finish that beast together and it was amazing.

This is what happens within 5 minutes of catching a toe when jumping onto the steel TRX box.
Evil steel box that left me with dented shins.

Oh and I came in 11th place for my age group! And 10th only beat me by 2 seconds. I maybe could’ve placed a little higher but I stopped to help a guy apply band-aids. I wasn’t happy about it but it is the Spartan mindset to help your fellow Spartans, so ok. I’m still happy and pumped that I did so well.

Pure joy

Now for our last race of the year in December! But it’s only a super so we got in the bag. Wink wink.

Seriously – this is the only pic of Canon the whole race til the end. Dude’s a ninja.


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