Here’s to a new start…

I created this blog to capture my journey, mainly my fitness journey, but that must include the rest of my life too. Fitness is a large part of who I am – from working as a trainer to training as an athlete -it’s almost always on my mind. I can’t ever fully separate myself from it so either my decisions affect my fitness or my fitness affects my decisions – its all connected! And at this time – we made a huge decision that flips our whole world.

We’re moving to NJ!

You may be thinking to yourself, “ew, why?” to which I’ll assume you’ve never been to NJ and have only seen Jersey Shore. The why is family. Parents, siblings, niece/nephews, forever friends. More of the why – location. We’re going to be even closer to the beach then we are in Charleston; like our street backs up to the bay and you can see the island beach from there. Even more why – I loved growing up there and it’s an awesome spot to have our own family (not quite yet!). Between the beach as a second backyard and some major cities just a car ride away – there’s always something to do or see.

How does this effect fitness? Obviously I can work out anywhere, we have a garage gym and our garage in NJ will be bigger, WOO! But the weather is completely different, especially moving in December. Chances are we’ll see some snow in January, womp womp. I ran winter track in HS and I hated every second of it every year. Sucking in that cold air, my toes freezing, having to cover up my ears, UGH.

Secondly, again, we’re looking at location. There is a lovely bike path but I’ve gotten so used to running through the small neighborhoods in my giant development that running a straight path will be an adjustment. Though I am excited to run some of the bridges, South Jersey and Charleston are not known for their hilly landscape.

Thirdly – well, location again. Our house is along a quiet dead end, which makes interval running easy and private. Also – my mom has already calculated the distance to their house which also has a home gym, which means runs in between weights!

Almost last – races will be much different. Like – jumping into water in March in SC versus jumping in in March somewhere up north, yikes! But in the summer time they won’t be so hot – so thats a win.

Lastly – I’ve already lined up some of my friends for training. Something I was able to do in Charleston too and is fun for me. I love working with people I love and it makes everyone accountable.

This is why I’ve been quiet on the blog lately. This move came up kind of suddenly and moved pretty quickly. We’ve had to pull a lot of stuff together in a short amount of time but now it’s actually real. There are a lot of adjustments coming up in the next week but it’s just another starting line to step up to.

Wish us luck and keep following along!

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