30th Birthday Workout!

Today’s the day – another decade begins! 30 doesn’t scare me. And I’m so fortunate to have so many amazing people up and down the east coast that love me. It took me 30 years to accumulate all these amazing people and memories and experiences, I can’t wait to see what the next 30 brings!

I am an adult now.

Even though it’s my birthday- today was not a day to slack off. I’m slowly coming back to my normal routine since the holidays and moving so I couldn’t make today an excuse. Plus I know I’m going to have cake and drinks tonight so…..

Oh hey gym – I shall gaze upon you from afar.

I’ve been working out inside for the last couple of days because it’s FREEZING in South Jersey. That
foot of snow we got the other day is not pleasant, unless you’re sledding – which we did do a little bit of last night. And our garage is way too big for the heaters to do much of anything.

My workout today was 30 reps of everything, little rest, repeat 2-3x.

30 Arnold Presses – I used 8lbs for the first 15 then dropped down to 5lbs for the last 15.

Raise arms to 90 in front of face, open out, overhead press – repeat backwards to finish 1 rep.

30 weighted squat pike jumps – 15b kettle bell

Holding weight at chest, drop into a squat, explode up into a straight leg pike, thrusting weight straight up, controlled return to squat.

30 T plank rotations

Starting in a plank, open up to a side plank (1 rep). Return to plank and rotate to other side (1 rep).

30 Mt climbers – start in a plank position, bring right knee to chest then left. That’s 1 rep. Either count 1 every time your left knee comes up or count to 60 each knee.

30 elevated lunges on each leg. I broke this up into 4 sets of 15. 8lb weights.

Be sure to push through the front heel to an almost straight leg.

30 Renegade rows to tricep kickbacks – 8 lb weights.

Hinged at waist, arms down in front of you, row them up pulling in shoulder blades, extend arms straight back squeezing the tricep at the top.

30 reverse crunches

Laying supine, knees at 90, feet flexed. Engage core and drop legs so heels tap ground, pull back up through the 90 degree bend and pop hips off floor. Pop higher than pictured – it was hard to hold that pose for a pic!


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