Now that I’ve joined my husband in the 30’s club – he felt he could share with me how old and stiff his joints feel at the start of a winter workout. We’re kindred now that we’re in the same decade again.

With that confession came the real reason behind it – he wanted to purchase more gym equipment. (Insert eye roll and smirk here). He got a little spoiled using the ergometer at my parents house when we first got up  north and really wanted one for himself. But have you ever shopped for an erg? Man are they expensive! And for me, I get flashbacks of high school crew, staring at the white wall of the cafeteria, erging my heart out. Why someone would spend SO much money on such a torturous machine is a bit beyond me… I digress. They are a great piece of equipment – I get that. I just, I can’t, not quite yet. Maybe just a little…

Instead – we ordered a stationary bike. I’ve taken a handful of cycling classes in my life… Talk about torture. My poor tush! No pain no gain, I guess. Anyway – I have to agree with him that it is nice to get my 30 year old joints moving and heated up before doing anything. My butt will get over it, or not, whatever.

With that – I gave the bike a whirl today and it was pretty great! Great in a way biking in 1 spot, feeling your legs turn to Jell-o, and your heart beating hard can be. Since I know myself well enough to know I would need to get the heck off that thing, I threw in some strengthening intervals.

I’m assuming all bike resistance knobs vary, but here’s what I did after a total body warm up.

I set the knob 2 turns up to start. I rode for 2 minutes, upping the resistance a half turn every 30 seconds, pushing my legs as quick as I could with control. Each time I upped the resistance I changed my position from seated to standing. After 2 minutes, I did 10 pull ups. Dropped the resistance back to the original starting point and repeated the 2 minute/30s interval ride, then did 15 prone to plank pushups. Back to the bike and 2 minute ride, 20 bicep curls with a slow (about 4seconds) release.

I repeated this whole thing for a second time. The very last ride I turned the resistance knob up 1/2 a turn every 15 seconds but still only changed my positioning every 30s. The last 30s were haaaaaard! I wish I had done this a little earlier in the workout because it really took it up a notch, but alas, I didn’t, but I’ll remember that for next time!

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