10 Things I’ve Been Doing Instead of Blogging…

It’s been a whirlwind of a year so far – and now that we’re halfway through it, here I am again! Things got a little out of control since moving north and having to deal with ACTUAL winters again, ugh. But now it’s beautiful, beach weather here and, lucky for me, my husband mounted a bunch of fans all over the garage.

So in the last few months we’ve gone through a lot of changes in our household, outside of the big move, and I think we’re finally seeing the calm after the storm.

So – what have I been up to the last 6-ishy months?

  1. I started a new job! Super randomly came across a job posting in our local newspaper (how old school of me) applied on Thursday, interviewed Friday, started Monday, boss left me for a week…. I basically do event planning across 4 markets with something going on almost every week. It’s a really small office so we’re really busy all the time – which is nice because the day’s pass quickly. Not so nice for keeping up with the blog since the last thing I want to do after a long day is log onto my computer.
  2. We went vegetarian! Well, kind of. As an answer to some digestion issues, I thought cutting meat could help. My husband was on board since a. I cook most of our dinners and b. my oldest brother went vegan a while ago and is still strong as hell, so he thought it would be interesting to see how his body would react. We had a solid month of no meat, caved with a buffalo tender at a birthday party. We’re still mainly vegetarian – I literally haven’t purchased meat since January, but we do eat fish, and if we have to eat meat because thats our only option other than starve, we’ll eat it. It’s not bad either, I don’t crave anything yet. I wish I had more time to look into recipes and try things out though – send me your favorite vegetarian recipes!
  3. Aside from the digestion issue, I had a bit of a health…. issue is too harsh a word…. health blunder? snafu? Whatever you want to call it – I’m through it and fine. Maybe I’ll go into more details one day. But for now, just know it set me back for a little while but I’m through it.
  4. Shifted training. Last year I was working really hard on strength and endurance to be ready for races. Well, because of the cold weather and since there aren’t as many races around us here, endurance was kicked to the curb a bit and more weight training took its place. My husband got a squat rack so we’ve been lifting heavier than I have in a couple years. And honestly, my body isn’t super different. I’m strong – I see it and feel it. I definitely couldn’t do a big race without hurting a lot and every where. But I still fit into all the clothes I was wearing last year with no issue. Weight training does not make you big and bulky (unless you’re on a specific training plan to be that way).
  5. This shift in training really worked in my husbands favor since he injured himself -a 3rd degree ankle sprain from running the trails in our local park. His ankle looked like a softball was shoved under his skin. No joke. Walking, never mind running, was out of the question. He still has issues with it, especially on days where he spends a long time walking around – his foot and leg swell up like a water balloon. The first week or so was rough, he was in a lot of pain, couldn’t sleep or do much of anything. After that, he was pushing it too hard because he doesn’t like being helpless, so I had to keep pushing him back down on the couch to make him rest. Coming home from work and then taking care of him and the house really pushed my workouts back and I hated eating dinner so late, so sometimes I just wouldn’t work out. Waking up early was an option – I just didn’t like that option.
  6. I’ve been traveling the world! Not really, mostly Minnesota and a little bit of South Carolina, all for work. And no, I haven’t been to the Mall of America yet, but I have high hopes that one trip soon I will get the chance. Other than that, my spring was filled with showers – baby and bridal, bachelorettes and weddings. I’m going to guesstimate that in 3 months we had maybe 3 weekends with nothing planned – I think that’s a little generous though.
  7. Since we bought a 150 year old that hasn’t been occupied for a year or 2, there’s a good amount of work to do to make it ours. We painted EVERY.SURFACE. Walls, mouldings, window casings, stairs. I will be adding ceiling to that list soon enough too. Between painting and decorating – we got through the cold months. Now that it’s warm, we’re hitting up the outdoors. We have a lot of outdoor space with tons of little garden areas and even a fountain (that we have yet to figure out!). So we’re a little overwhelmed trying to get a hold of this place. I think this summer is for learning and next summer we’ll have some stuff planted and looking good.
  8. Being with our family is a huge change. My parents, brother and sister-in-law plus their 4 kids, my other brother and his fiance (!) all live in like 2 miles of us. My parents pop by almost every weekend, we do family dinners pretty often, kids birthday parties happened like every other weekend during the spring, and just general attending of events as we can. It’s been really nice to see everyone so much more often than we ever have before. AND almost all my girl friends I grew up with live within those same parameters. I always thought I was lucky to still be friends with the same group I grew up with, and now it’s even more fun to see those young faces grow into women, getting married and having kids.
  9. But we still really miss our GOPeeps and Baltimorons. Our friends in South Carolina became family because we were all transplants and didn’t really know anyone or anything around us. We did a lot of major holidays together and celebrated other milestones. Before that, we had some really awesome friends in Maryland that were hard to leave. A benefit of moving up here is that I’m only 2 hours away from them and yet I’ve only made it down there once. I promise I’m coming for you guys!!
  10. I got my NASM! I am a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I was pretty stoked I passed that test on the first try and I do not have the urge to study again any time soon.


So that’s what I’ve been up to since January. As you can see, I haven’t been slacking too much, except when it comes to blogging. I’ll work on being better. Writing this down already feels therapeutic and I can feel how lucky I am to have so many great people and things around me.

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