No Brainer Bowls

I call this a no-brainer bowl because it literally is the easiest thing to make, hardy, delicious, and quick. 

When I’m standing in the pantry or staring at my fridge, if I can find 2 ingredients, I can pretty much make a great dinner. Canon even pulls these together for us some nights without asking for my input (which I love).

Staples we always have on hand – brown rice (or quinoa or lentils – or any combination of the 3), tomatoes, salsa, red onion, black beans…. usually an avocado or 2, mushrooms, random veggies and maybe some frozen faux meat.

How cute are these bird bowls?!

I usually toss in a little chili lime seasoning to the cooked rice to give it a little extra flavor. Mushrooms or faux meat add something warm to make the belly happy, and then delicious, cool, crispy tomatoes and vegetables round out the bowls. This is also a great idea to use up anything left over in your fridge before it goes bad.

Sad to say (or happy?) we eat these bowls at least twice a week. The flavors are so interchangeable and the ease of it just makes sense for 2 people who work full time – also, we haven’t really had time to figure out a ton of new recipes as recent vegetarians.

If you have a favorite, quick recipe –  let me know!


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