3, 6, 9

The Spartan race website has a training schedule you can access from their website or get it daily in your email. The thing I really like about this is they tell you all the workouts for the week. So if you’re like me and like to do a bunch of different things or try a new class, you can pick and choose your Spartan workout!

Click to go to Spartan WOD website

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Arms & Abs with TIU!

Canon had physical therapy this morning for his bicep tear and asked me to tag along for his appointment so we could listen to our podcast. Not an opportunity I was going to turn down.

This worked out as I usually use Thursday’s as a sort-of-rest day and I didn’t have any light workout planned. By sort-of-rest, I mean I do something less taxing than usual. By Wednesday my body is pretty sore and tired – as you can see from my previous post about being tired… But I like to still get my body moving a little bit. Pump up my metabolism, get a little sweat on, nothing too crazy but just enough to get some activity in.  Continue reading “Arms & Abs with TIU!”

Tired Strength

Today was just one of those days where I did not feel like working out. I got up late, shuffled around the kitchen, checked Facebook for way too long, pretty much anything to avoid the garage. Eventually, I sucked it up and went out there. But not enthusiastically.

As I got out there and figured out what I was doing, I started to warm up a little bit. Then my neighbor who I haven’t seen in a while came out with her dog and baby, so of course I had to go see them. After chatting for a while I went back in to finish warming up. You see how much I was avoiding my actual workout??

“Alright Alaina. Get it together. You can’t go inside until you’re done. You’ll feel better when you finish it”. Sometimes I just want to tell myself to shut up.  Continue reading “Tired Strength”

First Race – Spartan Sprint

Spartan Sprint – Atlanta GA, March ‘16

I’ve been to a few different race sites and this place is pretty awesome – especially for the spectators. Mud, cliffs, streams, tunnels- you name it they got it.

We spent the night in a crappy motel because that’s what you do at these races – stay just about anywhere that’ll get you close to the race course for a morning heat. I was so pumped to do this I really didn’t care at all – I just wanted to get to the course and get ready. Well, we arrived as our heat was going off, whoops! No biggie, we dropped off our bags and jumped into the next one. This wasn’t the ideal situation because I hate being late, it makes me anxious, but I also didn’t have any time for my nerves to kick in (too much). Continue reading “First Race – Spartan Sprint”