Shameless Family Bragging…

During the summer in South Jersey, Friday nights are dedicated to lifeguard races. These are a big deal for my family… My Pop-pop founded one of the races, my dad rowed when he was a lifeguard, and both my brothers have been/are competitors in them.

If it wasn’t for my mom’s birthday surprise, this would’ve been the first summer I didn’t see a single race in, probably, my entire life. And I got to come up for a really awesome one!

My oldest brother has rowed doubles on and off (mostly on) for years. He and his partner, Chuck, had a really awesome season – undefeated! The Friday night I made it was the final race of the season. The championship.


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1 Ball Workout

I’ve been a little MIA since the Super last weekend, sorry about that!

The week after the race I wasn’t hitting it as hard as previous weeks, I needed to let my body recoup a little bit – and I deserved a little break! I still worked out regularly, but I could feel my legs were a little tired and a little heavier than normal so I didn’t push them too too much.

In a surprise twist – I flew to NJ to surprise my mom for her 65th birthday. (Happy birthday Mom!) Only 3 people were in on the surprise – my dad who got me up there, my best friend so I could sleep at her house and not show up to my parent’s house at 1am, and one of my brother’s cause I needed a ride from the Philly airport.

I showed up at my parent’s around 7:15a, just as my mom was settling onto the front porch with coffee and the morning paper. To say she was shocked would be an understatement. She was thrilled, I was happy I didn’t miss it, and my dad takes the cake for planning and awesome surprise and a really great dinner party for her.

While home, I worked out with my mom a couple times but I’m sharing a workout I did solo. It only requires 1 medicine ball (or sandbag, something you can toss) and your running shoes!

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Asheville SUPER 2016


I’m finally out of my mimosa-hazed, iced knee lounging to write about the Asheville Super on Saturday! I’m so happy I did it. I’m a little sad it’s over. I’m a lot relieved it’s done. I’m ready for my next race.

A little quick background on the venue – the race was on Black Mountain, on a stone and sand company’s property. Needless to say, there were a lot of uphills, a lot of rocks, a ton of mud and plenty of water.

We got to the venue with plenty of time for me to look around at the obstacles, get comfortable in my surroundings, and anxious to get to the starting line. One of the main obstacles I was fixated on was the 8’ wall. I was getting a bit worried watching others trying to climb over it. It seemed like everyone had a buddy with them to assist, and I was going at it alone. I know the Spartan race is about being a community – so I could ask anyone for a boost, but still, the last thing I want to do is slow a stranger down. But I had to push past that worry – I would figure something out when I actually got to the obstacle, not hours before.


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Boozy Berry Tea Cake

Alright guys – I’m not gonna lie to you and say this is healthy cause there’s fruit in it. It’s not. But I will be honest and tell you that it is delicious!

Boozy Berry Tea Cake

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IT Band Taping & Stretching

I think I’m finally figuring out my knee issues! It just took an upcoming race for me to actually sit down and research the pain and some ways to help it. I’ve been stretching it just a couple days this week but it’s already feeling significantly better and hasn’t been bugging me on a run or post-run!  Continue reading “IT Band Taping & Stretching”

Stretches for Scoliosis

I’ve had my back problems under control for quite a while now; it hasn’t bothered me to a point where I felt like I couldn’t do something. Til yesterday. It felt a little tight the other day, probably from all the dead hangs and such… And it hurt a bit in bed when I laid a certain way. I was hoping when I woke up it would be better, but I was wrong.

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Tuesday Spartan Workout

Over the last couple days I’ve been getting these small headaches behind my eyes – not both eyes at once, it alternates between them. They aren’t terrible, more annoying, but considering I never get headaches, I don’t like it.

You know it’s bad when I decide to take medicine of my own free will. Usually Canon has to twist my arm a bit (and go upstairs to get the meds) for me take anything. But I took something last night, didn’t really help. Canon massaged my head while watching Dexter, felt great… I’d feign a headache for that any day.

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Monday Leg Day

Monday’s always a tough day, getting back into things. I don’t know why people always want to start something new, like a diet or fitness regimen on a Monday. Yes, I get that it’s like day 1 at the start of the week but really, after a Sunday my Monday’s are usually a little bit bleh… Tuesday would be a better start day. Ah, but then I’d slack on Monday’s and the vicious cycle would continue… Continue reading “Monday Leg Day”