Stuffed Peppers

I was really craving a stuffed pepper the other day, which is a little odd since I rarely ate them growing up and I don’t gravitate towards them on a menu or usually care for them in general. I think it’s because they often have way too much food in them and I don’t really enjoy ground beef just mixed around, willy nilly, in my meal. Is that weird?

Anyway- since it’s so cool in July in South Carolina I figured this would be the perfect time to attempt this dish, she said sarcastically. Continue reading “Stuffed Peppers”

Here Comes the Beast!

Holy crap – I just did it. I signed up for the Beast race in October. AHHHHH! Now it’s officially real! I’ve been planning on doing this since March, but really signing up, really putting in my credit card info, really hitting register – yikes. No turning back now and at the end of it I will have accomplished a huge goal. A goal that took me 9 months to reach. A goal I really didn’t even know I wanted to achieve until I stepped out of my comfort zone for that first race.

reebok-spartan-race-beast2 Continue reading “Here Comes the Beast!”

History of Scoliosis – A Personal Tale

This is a bit of a long one, but bear with me. It’s a thorough background on my spinal history and a bit entertaining, at least to me!

My scoliosis snuck up on me like a shadow in the night. I was 14 and it was the spring of my 8th grade year. I was dancing and teaching dance 3 days a week and getting ready for high school field hockey starting that summer. I mention this so you can see how active I was at this time.

So my mom, being awesome, took me out of school one day so we could drive up to a really nice mall an hour away and do some spring shopping with another mother/daughter duo. We pull into the parking lot, I feel stiff but open my door and look at my mom and ask “Do I look crooked?”. My right shoulder and ear were touching – she thought I was joking. Continue reading “History of Scoliosis – A Personal Tale”

Portobello Fajitas

My junior year of college I tried cooking dinner for my new roommate. She was a freshman, randomly placed in an apartment of juniors, I thought it would be nice… Well, I got seriously frustrated with the chicken (cause it was still partially frozen) and the pasta (the water has to boil first, whoops!) so I abandoned the kitchen. I very distinctly remember hearing her yelling into her phone that she had to go because I left everything on and unattended. She finished cooking that night. After that, I was not allowed in the kitchen unsupervised. We lived together for 3 years, poor girl. Since then, I’ve set off the fire alarm a few times but I’ve gotten a pretty good handle on it and I actually enjoy cooking a bit (gasp!). Continue reading “Portobello Fajitas”

First Race – Spartan Sprint

Spartan Sprint – Atlanta GA, March ‘16

I’ve been to a few different race sites and this place is pretty awesome – especially for the spectators. Mud, cliffs, streams, tunnels- you name it they got it.

We spent the night in a crappy motel because that’s what you do at these races – stay just about anywhere that’ll get you close to the race course for a morning heat. I was so pumped to do this I really didn’t care at all – I just wanted to get to the course and get ready. Well, we arrived as our heat was going off, whoops! No biggie, we dropped off our bags and jumped into the next one. This wasn’t the ideal situation because I hate being late, it makes me anxious, but I also didn’t have any time for my nerves to kick in (too much). Continue reading “First Race – Spartan Sprint”

All About Alaina

Hi y’all, I’m Alaina and welcome to my Starting Lain! (Lane/Lain, ya like what I did there?). I’m a (south) Jersey girl who moved to Baltimore for college, then 9 years later, and 4 weeks post-wedding,
moved to Charleston SC. I’m a fur momma to 3 dogs, a wife, and a small business owner! Come on my journey as I improve my fitness, try out new things, compete in races, and all the other little life things that change our bodies! Life is all about new beginnings – we just have to step up to the starting line.


From the top of the couch we have Rowdy, Harper and Kona
All my loves in 1 spot. A tiny spot… Visiting family means we get real close

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