Have you missed me?

I feel like I’ve been gone FOREVER!

August was such a busy month for us – I was traveling somewhere every weekend which meant week days were full of prepping and packing.

We headed back to New Jersey (twice in 1 month for me!) for a beautiful wedding. Loaded our 3 dogs for a 12 hour ride – but the weekend was definitely worth it.

Rare photo of us not in workout gear

The bride is a forever family friend and someone who I grew up looking up to. Since she’s about 5 years older than me, I always thought of her as a sister figure when I was younger, but as we grew we became friends and have travelled as far away as the Czech Republic together. So yeah – I had to be there when she married the guy who put a smile on her face that hasn’t faded since day 1. Seriously though – these 2 are all smiles all the time together.

2 rare photos in 1 post?! Also- little nerve-wracking taking off over the ocean…

(And the rehearsal dinner was on the Atlantic City Steel Pier and they were giving us helicopter rides soooo we had to take advantage of that. How cool!)

Beautiful sunset did not distract me from your relaxed driving technique, Pilot.
AC at night! We had to take another ride after the sun went down. Worth it!

Oh and – I started a new job! This is my final week shadowing and if all has gone well (which I’m feeling pretty confident in) I’ll be a trainer at a private/semi-private training studio.

I’m pretty excited about it. Classes max out at 4 people so it’s a very hands on approach to working out. And I can basically make any workouts I want – as long as my clients are happy!

Study materials at the gym. Ready to roll

And my last update is that I am studying for the NASM personal trainer certification. After quite a bit of research I landed on NASM being the best choice for me. It’s well respected, I couldn’t find any negative feedback, and I think it will give me a really solid background. I’m excited to learn more, apply it and be legit!

What’s new with you? Any fun workouts or classes you tried in August? Anything exciting coming up this fall?

Shameless Family Bragging…

During the summer in South Jersey, Friday nights are dedicated to lifeguard races. These are a big deal for my family… My Pop-pop founded one of the races, my dad rowed when he was a lifeguard, and both my brothers have been/are competitors in them.

If it wasn’t for my mom’s birthday surprise, this would’ve been the first summer I didn’t see a single race in, probably, my entire life. And I got to come up for a really awesome one!

My oldest brother has rowed doubles on and off (mostly on) for years. He and his partner, Chuck, had a really awesome season – undefeated! The Friday night I made it was the final race of the season. The championship.


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